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What happened to the Chattanooga Five?

Due to little information about their whereabouts Ms. Viola Ellison and Ms. Lela Mae Evans are unaccounted for after 1984. We heard Ms. Ellison may have moved to another city. A private investigator also tried to find more on the two women but was unable to track down any new information. Ms. Katherine Johnson died in 1983 less than two years after the conclusion of the civil trial. Ms. Crumsey died in 2004 here in Chattanooga. Ms. Opal Jackson is the only living member of the Chattanooga Five and still lives just a few blocks from where the shooting took place.

Why were the Klansmen acquitted?

There wasn't much we could find on why the men were acquitted but we were able to find an article in the local paper where the District Attorney tried to offer an explanation.

What happened to the Klansmen after the civil trial?

William Church was sentenced to life in prison for sexual assault in 1983. Larry Payne died in 2011. Marshall Thrash's whereabouts are unknown to the filmmakers.

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