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Position: Researcher


Project: The Civil Case - Documentary Feature Film

Location: Chattanooga, TN

Type: Contract


Civil Productions LLC is seeking a Researcher with experience researching criminal and/or civil court cases, civil rights history, and/or as an investigative journalist to help collect materials related to the project’s central events. The Researcher, along with two research interns, will be responsible for reconstructing an accurate timeline of the events, from whatever is available and preserved. Connections to Chattanooga’s 9th Street/MLK Blvd communities preferred. Filmmaking experience is not required though helpful. We are most interested in applicants who have a background as a professional researcher.


About the Film

In April, 1980, three Klansmen went on a shooting spree in Chattanooga, Tennessee, injuring five Black women. As usual, the criminal courts treated the Klansmen lightly. But the women fought back in a new way—winning a lasting victory against the Klan and setting important legal precedent for today’s civil court battles. Our film will use interviews, archival media, and present day examples of how this strategy is still being used to honor this forgotten piece of American Civil Rights history.


There are also two positions being filled for Research Intern that will be under the supervision of the successful candidate. It will be important for us to understand how you will utilize the Interns in your research.


The project is currently in pre-production and is scheduled for release in April of 2022.


Desired Skills and Experience:


  • Historic and/or Journalistic Research

  • Experience with researching archival media (periodicals, photos, videos)

  • Organized and diligent when checking sources

  • Leading a small team of researchers

  • Able to delegate tasks on a realistic timeline and schedule


Responsible for:


  • Accurate and thorough research of the 1980 shooting and the events that followed (1980-1983)

  • Reconstructing a timeline of events, people, and places connected this story

  • Utilizing two interns to maximize the research effort


Job Type: Contract

Compensation: $2000

Applications close May 14th 2021

Requested Materials: 

Resume or CV (include sample links if available)

Cover Letter


Please answer the following questions in your letter along with any information you think would be helpful in the decision making process.


  1. What makes you the right candidate for this position?

  2. What is your connection to Chattanooga and how might this be an asset to you as the Researcher?

  3. How will you use your two interns to maximize the research efforts of the team?



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